Which employment opportunities offer the best salaries?

When looking what industry you want to go in to you may think about what offers the best salaries. You should never just go in to a job purely for the salary as there are often many other factors that should be taken in to consideration first. Within each industry there is a massive range of salaries, even within the same job role. Salaries can vary depending on the company you work for, the hours you work and even what part of the country you work. You should never be discriminated against due to your gender, religion or ethnic background.

Often the most highly paid jobs are usually found in London, but also the cost of living in London is much higher than the rest of the UK so unless you commute there from outside the area, you may not end up taking home much more money than taking a job with a lower salary somewhere further north.

Working in the financial industry can offer great rates of pay and often have systems where you can start off as an apprentice or a junior and work your way up. Doctors, Vets and lawyers’ salaries are amongst some of the highest but you will have to commit to a certain amount of time studying to  be able to apply for these types of job roles.