Where can you find helpful advice as a teacher?

As a teacher there will be times when you could do with a bit of help and advice. It may need that you need advice on how to deal with a certain behaviour or possibly how to teach a particular subject that you are concerned about. There are many places that you can go to seek advice and many teachers start with their colleagues. It may be that a colleague has been through a similar situation to you and can help you by suggesting things that you could try. If it is a certain topic you are concerned about, they may even be able to let you look over their lesson plans or give you a few ideas of lessons they did which worked well.

If you work for a teaching agency then you may find that they not only have forums where you can ask other teachers for ideas but also that they have a place where you can download ideas for lessons and even material to use within the lessons.

If you are going to be using online forums then you need to make sure that the child and your privacy is protected so do not name any students, teachers or your school name in order to remain anonymous.