What You Should Know About Supply Teaching Jobs

Classrooms cannot function properly without teachers. However, situations arise when a teacher is unavailable. For example, the teacher may be sick or he may be moving to another part of the country. In this case, the school would hire a supply teacher to take his place temporarily. The supply teacher would perform duties such preparing lesson plans and marking work done by students. Other expected roles include encouraging students and supporting them in their classroom activities. Being a supply teacher is a challenging task because you would have to work in different school environments locally and regionally. This challenging aspect of supply teaching is also an opportunity to gain experience in various teaching environments and techniques. Here are some things you should know about supply teaching jobs Gravesham.

– The Benefits of Supply Teaching
It allows you to breathe as you do your job. More specifically, you do not have to suffer under the weight of bureaucratic administrative procedures. Everyone at the school understands that you are a temporary worker so they will not bother you with additional responsibilities at the school. Instead, your schedule will be light, as the administration would be planning for someone else to fill in your position permanently. Supply teaching also helps you to decide if you want to pursue teaching as a full time career. Many teachers think that they do only to feel disappointed as the time progress. You should not suffer from the same fate. Take advantage of supply teaching to see if educating others is something that you want to do for the rest of your life.

– Qualifications for Supply Teaching
Many people think that supply teaching is an easy job, but it is not. In fact, dealing with students is one of the most difficult things you could ever do in life. To handle them properly, you would need a certain level of training. You can start with an undergraduate degree. That qualifies you for a QTS i.e. Qualified Teacher Status. You can also qualify for a QTS is you hold a Post Graduate Degree Certificate. Additionally, you can opt for a Teach First Scheme (TFS). Other options include postgraduate programs such as a GTP, SCITT, RTP, or an OTTP. It is important to note that supply teachers have to go through a Disclosure & Barring Service before they can start teaching in schools.

– Salary, Benefits & Working Hours
Supply teaching jobs Gravesham are good for you because of the benefits mentioned above. The remuneration and working conditions are also favourable. For example, you will receive a daily rate if you work the whole day. You will receive an hourly rate if you work for less than a full school day. It is possible for you to receive sick or even maternity pay when you work as a supply teacher, but it is not a legal requirement that you receive it. The working hours are flexible and mostly depend on the arrangement you have with the school. Go on. Apply for supply teaching jobs Gravesham so that you can enjoy these benefits and working conditions.