What makes a good teacher?

A job as a teacher can be extremely rewarding but what actually makes a good teacher? There are several factors that help to make a teacher great and not all of them are to do with improving grades. Some people may think that if a teacher’s students achieve good results in exams then they must be a good teacher, but often there are other elements that should be considered.

Education is not just about getting good grades but also learning life skills and many people will say that these are as important if not more important than the academic skills. Children need to be taught ho to deal with their emotions and a teacher plays a big role in this. A good teacher will adapt to their environment and be able to change their teaching methods depending on what age children they are teaching. Some pupils may need more encouragement than others whilst some may respond better to stern warnings. A good teacher will adapt their methods to suit the individual pupil they are dealing with at that time. They need to have an open ear and be approachable so that pupils feel that can turn to them when they need hep and advice.