Thinking about your future career

You are often made to make decisions about your future career at a young age. Right from when you chose your GCSE subjects, you are having to limit possible career options and need to have an idea in mind of what you want to do. For many young people, this is a hard choice to make and one that they may have chosen later on in life.

It is important to remember that although you may have extra responsibilities as you get older, you can still change your career path if you wish to. Many adults feel that they are stuck in a job that they do not enjoy at all and wish they had perused a different avenue. Even if you decided not to go to college or university, or did a degree that may not be relevant in a new career path, you can still return to education at a later date.

Many universities will accept mature students who do not have A-levels, if you did well in your GCSE’s. You may need or want to do an access course which will help you learn how to write essays and get back into the education world.