Think carefully about work planned for children’s return

The summer holidays are coming to an end and many children will be looking forward to starting a new year. For many teachers, especially those in a primary school, one of the tasks they set for their pupils when they return is to talk about what they did in the school holidays. This seems like the perfect opportunity for the children to gain some writing experience and share with others the fun activities they did.

As a teacher, you do need to be aware that for some pupils the summer holidays may not of been all fun and games and that Unfortunrelty some children simply have not had the same happy experience as others. Some children will not of gone away, or had days out, they may have been left in charge of younger siblings and not been able to play outside in the garden on the warmer days.

When setting work like this, you need to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to write about something nice. So you may ask them if they would like to write about what they have done, or you could give them the option of writing about something they are looking forward to over the next year at school.