The role of a head teacher

The role of a head teacher is vital in every school. A school may be without a permanent head teacher for a time but usually an acting head will be put in place for this duration. The job of the head teacher is to provide professional leadership for the school which ensures that it is successful makes improvements that are required and ensures a high quality education for all its pupils.

Some head teachers also teach classes, this is often the case in smaller schools that cannot afford to have too many additional teachers. The head teacher may be available for cover of a class such as when the teacher has PPA time or to cover sick leave.

On a day to day basis the head teacher will be responsible for over seeing all of the schools procedures and policies and ensure that the other members of staff are adhering to them and giving pupils the best level of education they can. They may also spend time with parents resolving issues that has arisen and discussing individual children progress and behaviour.