The challenges of looking for work

Finding work in the current climate can be very hard and often you may have to apply for a large number of jobs before you even get asked to attend an interview. If you have very limited qualifications or experience then you will often find it even harder to land the job you want and may be very restricted in to what you can apply for. If you do see jobs that you think you would be suitable for but you are missing some of the requirements they ask for then there is nothing stopping you still applying for the job, but be aware that you may not get asked to attend an interview.

If you are looking to train towards a career but want to be able to earn a small wages whilst doing so then an apprenticeship could be the way forward. Many businesses are now offering places as an apprentice, especially as the government are offering incentives to companies that do take on apprentices. Each apprenticeship can last a different duration of time, so it you are looking for something where you can qualify quickly, bear this in mind when applying. 

There are some fantastic opportunities for apprentices and although to start with you will be on a lot wage, you can often quickly move up once you are qualified and start earning some decent money.