Teaching children how to read

Not so long ago it used to be that you taught children to read using flashcards and keywords such as ‘Mummy’, ‘Daddy’ and ‘School’ etc. This taught children to associate certain pictures with keywords that they would then recognise in books. The problem with this method is that although children then recognise that word in a book they have problems trying to remember how to write the word and can often confuse similar looking words for each other.

It was then decided that for children to be able to work out what an unknown word said they needed a method to be able to sound the word out, this is now taught through phonetics.

Phonetics teaches children sounds of letters and also blended sounds such as ‘C’ and ‘H’ together to sound ‘ch’ this allows children to see a word and break it down so ‘teach’ becomes tea-ch.

Put into practice most children find this an easier more effective method of learning to read and spell and is now an important part of early years curriculum.

Allowing your child to read to you on a daily basis (if possible) will really help them in all aspects of education such as spellings, creative thinking and writing. Even if you only listen to them for 5 or 10 mins a night, you will often be amazed at how much difference that can make.