Summer holiday can’t come quick enough for many teachers and students

With the school holidays just around the corner, many teachers and students are on count down. Some however will still be in isolation as their bubbles have burst or could even find themselves been told to isolate a few days after they break up.

It is important for everyone to use this time to unwind and relax ready for their return in September. It has been a very strange 12 months at school and lots of children have really found it hard to adapt to the many changes that have been happening. The plans at the moment are that when the children return in September bubbles can be scrapped altogether. This will allow for assemblies, classes and year groups mixing on the playground and trips out of school to commence. Hopefully this will give school life a bit of normality back and allow pupils to start socialising more again.

Many people may not be going away this year as laces have been booked up quite far in advance, btu that doesn’t mean you cannot still enjoy yourself in your garden or in your local park. The government is still in discussion as to if there are going to be any changes in the autumn term in regards to length of the school day or extra tuition, but this could be announced later in the summer.