Starting Life as a University Student

Life at university is completely different to life as a school student, a sixth form student or a college student. It’s about independence, and making good use of your time and just organising yourself appropriately.

If you’re set to start life as a university student then you have to be prepared for exactly what is awaiting you. Lecturers are completely different to teachers, of course they both have the role of teaching you, but you  may find that lecturers do not push you as hard as teachers, and you have to be willing to put the work in and staying motivated without any assistance.

There is a great deal of independent work, yet you’ll also need to have a selection of friends to help you stay in the loop, and have stuff to do in your free time. University can seem a lot more relaxed but that’s only the case if you stay on top of your deadlines, and that’s a must for all university students.