Should you get your child private tutoring?

So many children have been affected by the pandemic in a number of ways. It is obvious that many of them have missed out on a huge chunk of education and despite how hard they may of worked from home, It is likely that the majority of them will have fallen behind in some way.  But it is not just their education that has been affected. Not being able to mix with their friends outside their small bubbles and missing out on a number of social events or activities may also of negatively affected their emotional wellbeing.

Many parents are now wondering if they should try and get extra help for their child by using a private tutor. A private tutor will be able to work one on one with your children or child to find out what areas they need extra help in. It may be that they need help across the board or it could be that they only require additional help in one or two subjects.

Private tutoring is not cheap but can be great for pupils who learn better one on one. The government are looking at ways in which they can offer additional help and support to those that have been most affected but this may not be available for some time yet.