Should you get a job?

So many people are stuck in a situation where they are out of work but worry that they will actually be worse off in work. This is not a great situation and no one should ever be better off for not working but unfortunately the way it benefits system is set up often means that this is true. There is a certain threshold which if your wage falls below, you are entitled to lots of help such as money off your electricity, reduced council tax, free school meals etc. Once you go over this threshold all those benefits may stop.  

In some circumstances, a family who do not work many be better off than one that have two adults working full or part time. This is often due to the fact that the amount of benefits a family can get if they have the right circumstances is higher than the average salary for someone on minimum wage.

There are other factors to consider when looking at employment though. If you have not worked for years then you may find it a lot harder to get in to work. As an employed person you may start off on a very low wage but over the years you can often work your way up the career ladder and start earning more. If you have children, you will also be setting a good example to them if you can go out and find work.