Reviewing your Current CV

A CV grows when you’re in a job, even if you are not aware that it is growing. Each day you may be picking up new skills in a job, and new responsibilities and this is why it’s important to ensure your CV is reviewed regularly.

Every individual should keep their CV up to date, but the majority of the time people only work on their CV when they’re looking for a new job. This shouldn’t always be the case and by reviewing your current CV, you’re able to make changes as and when they happen. You may then look at your CV and think ‘I know more than this’ or ‘I have accomplished more than this’. Your CV should develop with you, rather than playing catch-up when you decide to seek a new job.

More and more people switch jobs on a regular basis, especially when they are young and finding their feet, so keep it up to date and review it on a regular basis.