Pupil’s return to school delayed after the Christmas period

The government have announced that the majority of secondary school students will not be returning to school on the 6th January 2021. Instead, they will be having virtual lessons from home. Children of key workers, vulnerable children and those in exam years are exempt from this but all others are likely to see a phased return from 11th January at the earliest. Many parents and pupils are worried about further disruption to their education as this will be another setback for many who still have not caught up since lithe lockdown last Easter.

As a parent you may not be able to get the time off work to stay at home with your child which means you either need to try and arrange childcare, which is going to be extremely difficult under the current restrictions or leave your child on their own. Parents whose child had only just started secondary school in September may not be happy about them staying home alone all day. Parents are also concerned how they are going to ensure that their child is doing the school work they are supposed to be if they are not able to oversee it all.