Preparing for a Skype Job interview

Technology has made it a lot easier for people to communicate and it means that many companies are now creating video calls using software such as Skype to construct their job interviews. It’s great news for those applying for jobs that are quite a distance away, and people may feel a lot more comfortable when they’re being interviewed in their own home, rather than in a new building.

It’s still important to prepare for your Skype job interview as you would with a regular job interview, because it could be the most important video conversation you ever have. Make sure you dress appropriately, even if you’re in your own house, and look into their eyes not yourself.

Many people add post-it notes to their screens, and just make sure if you do, that the interview cannot see your notes, and try not to read from obviously. If you can follow these tips you’ll stand a good chance in your interview, and the rest is down to you and the way you answer the questions.