Increasing your work load

If you own your own business then there may come a time when you are struggling for work. You need to be able to establish what is stopping you from getting more business and address it in order to succeed. Often it is simply down [Read More]

Keeping on top or your business records

If you own your own company or are self-employed then you should already be aware of the records you need to keep. These records often need to be kept for a minimum of five years and should be stored in a secure location and ideally [Read More]

Self-assessment is changing

With the deadline for filling in your tax return on the horizon, many self-employed people and small businesses will scrambling to make sure all their paper work is in order. The last minute rush to do self-assessment may soon be a thing of the past, [Read More]

Teaching Supply Jobs: Top Leading Tips You Should Know

Finding supply work is not that easy. In fact, there are several supply teachers looking for supply jobs in Chester, United Kingdom. However, some of them have not registered with any agency. After registering with an agency, you can submit an application form or Curriculum [Read More]

Ofsted inspections at school

As a teacher, one of the worse things you can hear is that Ofsted are coming in to your school. It’s not that teachers are necessarily doing anything wrong, but the whole process is said to be extremely stressful and can put added pressure on [Read More]