Noticing when a child needs help at school

When children first start school they are very often at different ability levels and so it is not possible to always set them all the same tasks. As a teacher it is your responsibility to notice when a pupil is struggling and to find out why. It may be that they simply have not understood the work that was done leading up to the task or that they did not concentrate and so don’t know what to do, if this seems to happen quite often then you will need to start to investigate further as to see if it is an issue that needs addressing rather than one that will sort itself out over time.

Often children with learning difficulties display signs from an early age but these are not always picked up. Often the child can be seen to not be trying to complete work or that they are being disruptive, but often there is an underlying issue that needs to be addressed.

If as a parent you are concerned that your child is falling behind, then it is a good idea to book a time to go and see the teacher on a one to one without the pupil there, to discuss their progress and to see if the school also have any concerns.