Managing your time as a teacher

As a teacher you will find it hard to fit in all your tasks in unless you manage your time properly.  There is often a lot of things that you need to try and fit in and unless you have a plan you may not be able to complete everything you wanted to do.

As a rule most teachers will do their marketing in the evening and at weekends. Although they are given PPA (planning, preparation and assessment) time, this is usually a few hours within the week and not nearly enough needed for all the planning and marking.

On top of planning and marking work you will also have to find time to fit in parent’s evenings and reports.  School trips and after school clubs may also take up time that you had put aside for other tasks. 

Creating a simply schedule should be enough to help you work out how many hours a week or a day you need to set aside for admin work.  If you find that you are really struggling to complete all of your work then you may need to talk to your head teacher to see if you can have a teaching assistant for more of that time.