Managing work and home schooling

Throughout the last two years there has been masses of disruption to the education system due to the pandemic. This has meant that for long periods of time parents have been asked to not only work from home but also facilitate home schooling of their child. When children were first sent home from school, schools were not set up to do remote learning so lots of children didn’t have too much to do. By the time the second lockdown came round, schools were more ready and this mean that teachers were expected to set a lot more work for children. All schools had their own way of working and whereas some would teach via video call others would set work through a portal that had to be uploaded once done. This meant that many parents had to try and become teachers often whilst also juggling their own work. This out a huge amount of pressure on parents, children and also teachers who were trying to manage it all.

We all hope that we have seen the last of home schooling, but if not then it is important to remember that you can only do so much. Try and plan your time so you can give your children an hour or so throughout the day where you can sit with them and try to set them up with work. This will allow you sometimes hopefully to get your own work done.