Keeping children focused in the run up to Christmas

Christmas is now less than two months away and already Children are starting to get excited. The shops are brimming with gifts and blasting out Christmas music and schools are already starting to discuss events and shows that may be taking place between now and the big day.

If you are a teacher, you may find that the children seem to be finding it harder to concentrate especially for long periods of time. This is very common this time of year and although you cannot stop it from happening there are somethings you can do to help. Children has missed so much of their education over the last two years that it is vital every day is used effectively. This may be difficult in the run up to Christmas but certainly not impossible, you may just need to do things a little differently. Rathe than trying to fight it, why not plan some of your lessons around Christmas. Bring a bit of excitement in to the lessons and try and disguise some of the work within a Christmas activity. For example, writing a letter to Santa is great when trying to teach English. You may even decide to add a bit of a twist to it to keep them thinking.