Is job satisfaction important?

If you work then you may think that it is something that you just have to get on with and that it is normal to get very little satisfaction out of your job, but this can have a negative effect on not only how productive you are at work but also your home life.

There are many reasons as to why someone may feel dissatisfied at work and these often include; low or unfair salary, long or antisocial working hours, lack of responsibility or micro managed, too much responsibility to too much stress and not getting on with co-workers or management.

It may be that a job that was once well suited to your lifestyle is simply not working anymore and as your life has changed and progressed your working life hasn’t. If for example you are a rep then you may have taken the job when you were young and had little responsibilities. Getting to drive around all day or jetting off to different countries may have been your dream job, but if over time you have settled down and have a partner or children, you may find that your job no longer fits in with your lifestyle and is becoming an issue. If this is the case it is often time for a change and you may need to try and find something that is a little more consistent to allow you to have time at home.