Is it important to attend activities at school?

If your child or children go to school you may find that very quickly you are invited to attend various events that your child is involved in. This may be assemblies, lunches or to spend the morning or afternoon in the classroom with them. The reason many schools do this is to try and get the parents involved with what is going on at school and give the pupils the opportunity to show the parents the work they have been doing. Unfortunately, if you work, you may find it very hard to attend these events and simply cannot keep having time off work for them, but if possible it is a good idea to try and see if anyone else can go such as grandparents or aunties and uncles.
Getting involved with your child’s learning really is important and you should try and take an interest in what they have been doing. Just having a quick 10 minute chat about what they have been doing in the day, when they return home from school, will help you to get an understanding of the types of things they are working on. You can then try and include some of this in their home life too, i.e. by practising times tables with them or studying about a certain country.