How to revise for Exams

Exams are approaching and students are constantly told about how revision is extremely important. But are enough pupils told how to do revision and techniques to help them remember the information they need to know.
For most theory exams you should be able to look back through your work books and text books to find most of the answers you will need. Some teachers offer last year’s copy of an exam for you to test yourself with. This way you can identify any area of a subject or topic that you may need to particularly concentrate on when doing revision. If you are unsure of how to start revising there are many educational websites out there to help you or you could ask a teacher at school to sit down with you and discuss what you need to be revising and how to schedule your time.
When revising it is important to take regular breaks as if you don’t you may find that you cannot take in as much information as you need to.