How to manage work and school holidays

If you are a parent who works then you will often struggle during the school holiday periods? Unless you work as a teacher or within a school, the chances are you will have to work during the holidays and although you will be able to take some time off, you will not be entitled to take all of the school holidays off. This means that you will need to arrange childcare for your children or arrange to split your time off with your partner to try and cover as much of the time as possible.

Children care establishments such as nurseries that often open up to school children during the holidays can work out expensive. You may find that you are paying more out in childcare fees than you will get for working. If you have friends or family members that can help out with childcare, then this can save you a fortune, but you should always try to have a backup plan in case they have to cancel on you.

Some parents find it better to work part-time when their children are at school so they only have to take a few days off, or work self-employed in a business where they can work their hours around the children.

Often there are kids clubs in the local area that run during the school holidays. These often work out cheaper than any other form of child care and allow the children to have a fun filled day whilst you’re at work.