How to keep your child entertained throughout the summer holidays

With children now on holiday from school for up to  6 six weeks, parents up and down the country are desperately trying to think of ways in which they can keep their children entertained,

It is also important to ensure that your child still does some things that are educational and keeps their brain ticking over throughout the holidays. Although your child may not want to do written work or worksheets, they may like to play an educational game. There are a number of different game you can play that can be fun but also educational.  

There are plenty of ways to have fun in the holidays whilst it still having some educational value. Simple things such as playing shops with your child or asking them to write their own story can help with their maths and English skills, but to them it will seem more like play.

Be sure to continue getting them to read to you most days as this is a very important skill that will help with many elements of their education. You could even set a challenge to see how many books they can read throughout the six weeks. Some parents even link it to pocket money and sponsor their children to read.