How to help your child with their homework

Whether you agree with it or not children are regularly given homework from school, increasingly so as they move from the primary phase to the secondary phase. Should you help them with this homework, or do you think they should complete it independently.

The reasons for setting the homework need to be studied initially. Does it give the pupil an opportunity to practise a skill that they have been working on in class such as a new mathematics method or is it set simply because the teacher has been told to set homework. If it is the former, then the homework is beneficial and gives parents an insight into the curriculum. The child can be encouraged to explain the homework to their parents and this in turn will be a valuable learning tool.

Should your child be unsure about the task set by the teacher it gives parents the chance to work with their child to complete the task and even to make the teacher aware of the difficulties so that they can be addressed at school.

If your child is reluctant to tackle their homework it is wise to encourage them to attempt it sooner rather than later so that they develop good learning habits for the future.