How to help your child if they are struggling with home schooling

Many parents are again finding themselves in a position where they are having to home school their child or children. This is a huge pressure on parents who may also be juggling their own work. It is also hard work on children who are used to going in to a school environment to work and are now having to try and do it all from home where there are more distractions.

If your child is struggling with home schooling then do not get worked up over it. Contact your child’s teacher and explain any worries or concerns you are having and see what help they can offer you. If for example you are struggling to get them to concentrate on one task for a period of time, they may be able to give you shorter tasks which you can do so they do not lose interest. If you are struggling because you do not have enough devices or your internet is too slow at home then then may be able to lend you a laptop or print work sheets off for your child to do. Everyone is having to adapt to this new way of learning so all children are in the same situation and will hopefully catch back up again when they return to school.