How to deal with the return of the pupils in September

With many students returning to school this September having had over 6 months off, teachers can expect quite a bit of disruption in those first few weeks back. This has been unprecedented times for all and no one knows exactly what to expect when pupils return to their normal school timetable. Most schools ill be opening up as usual but they have staggered start and finish times allowing for less parents to be hanging around the school gates.

Teachers are under a lot of pressure to ensure that pupils perform well at school. This is not just in the day to day classroom environment but also in terms of exams. There will be a huge amount of catching up to do which may prove tricky, especially if many pupils are struggling to settle back in. It may be that they have done little or no sort of educational learning whilst off school and they will have gotten out to the routines they were used to. This is bound to have an effect on their behaviour.

Having a number of disruptive pupils in a class can send the rest of the class into disarray and make a relatively simple task almost unachievable.