How can you prepare your child for statutory testing in primary school?

Even if you disagree with the use of statutory testing for primary school children in England the fact remains that it is here to stay. Preparing our children for this testing in a way that gives them the skills they need whilst also protecting their self-esteem and mental health is vitally important.

Many schools in the period leading up to the testing timetable will issue parents with guidelines setting out the format of the tests and what the children can expect. Share these with your child and make sure they understand what will be expected of them. If they have any worries about the tests let your child’s teacher know so that their fears can be allayed if possible.

If the school has given example tests for your child to practise at home, encourage the completion of these but offer to go over the answers with your child discussing any issues that arise. Published test material can be purchased or downloaded if the school has not provided these.

Above all it is important to convey to your child that the tests are really about the school performance and not about individual pupils and therefore as long as they try their best you will be proud of them.