Home schooling through the Corona Virus Isolation

As of next week, many parents have all of a sudden found themselves home schooling their children. This can be a scary time for many who may have very little help from anyone other than maybe a partner. If you are classed as a keyworker then your child can still go to school on the days you have to work, but on the other days you will be expected to teach them.

Although it is important that children have some sort of education, it is vital that parents don’t get too hung up on exactly what they need to be doing. Many schools have sent home work books and links to online activities that children can do, but if you are struggling to get your child to sit down and do work then you may decide to try something a little more practical.

Sometimes reading a story to your child and letting them read a page or two back to you is just as good as getting them to sit and write answers to questions off a worksheet. You may decide to make maths fun and do it using sweets or accessories out of a play kitchen. All of this is great fun and will also have some educational value.