Helping your child with their school project

Parents often dread it when their child comes home with a school project that they need to do. Although the work has been set for the child, often parents need to have some sort of input into it, even if it is just overseeing that it has been done correctly.

If your child is quite young then they may need quite a bit of help to complete the homework and as a parent, it can be tempting to take over and end up doing most of it yourself.

You need to think carefully about what it is the school are trying to achieve by setting this for them and make sure that the child gets the opportunity to have an input and help out.

If the task is to make something, then try not to get too carried away with how it looks. It can be very easy for the parents to do the writing or drawing as they will often be able to make it look neater, but this will take the experience away from the child and when taken in to school it will be pretty obvious that they have not had much opportunity to work on the project themselves.