Have children fallen massively behind during the past 12 months

With the UK still in its third lockdown and schools shut down again, many parents and teachers are worried as to whether there is going to be long term effects on pupil’s education. Some children have missed almost an entire school year and this can be detrimental especially to students that may have already been struggling. This most recently lockdown has been quite different from the first as more pressure has been put on schools and parents to get their children working from home. For some parents, this has been an impossible task, especially for those whose children find it difficult to learn in a home environment or those who are still trying to work from home themselves.

Hopefully, schools will start to reopen to at least some year groups next month but it is still very uncertain at the moment. It may be that children are offered catch up lessons throughout the summer or may even be able to repeat a year if needs be. Teachers, students and parents have certainly got their work cut out over the next few years trying to desperately catch up on everything that has been missed during this time and ensuring that pupils are where they need to be when it comes to exams.