Getting your classroom ready for Christmas

With Christmas just 2 months away many teachers are starting to plan what they will be doing in class as the holiday season approaches. You will often have Christmas productions to sort out which will need to be squeezed into your usual working week. Keep it simple, one or two lines each is plenty for younger children and often it may be their first time on a stage.

You may find it hard to get the children to concentrate as much as they often start to get excited and may easily become distracted. Rather than getting stressed by this, embrace it and start to bring Christmas into your lesson plans. When planning work have a look for Christmas activities that you can incorporate in to your lessons. It may be making Christmas decorations, writing a letter to the North Pole or leaving cryptic clues from the elves which the children have to work out the answers too.

As a teacher, Christmas may be a stressful time for you personally as you will not be able to book days off to do your Christmas shopping, which means you either must start early and fit it in around weekends or leave it until the last minute and hope that there is something left!