Getting involved in your child’s education

During the run-up to Christmas lots of schools have activities on that parents can attend or join in with. If you work then it may be hard to get the time off to attend everything but if at all possible try and find the time to attend some things or ask a friend or relative to go for you.

Many schools have Christmas fayres selling items that the children have made or donated and often given the opportunity to pay a visit to Santa. They may also have certain days when you can go in and watch a performance or carol concert that your child has been rehearsing. Including yourself in your child’s education will allow you to get an insight into their daily school life and will give them confidence and encouragement when performing in front of other people.

If you are not able to make certain days when you can go in and see what your child has been doing, it may be worth asking if you could have ten minutes after school one day to have a look through the work with your child. This can often help your child to feel like they have not missed out and a chance to show off the work they have done in class.