Fund raising for your child’s school

Most schools have a fund raising team who will be responsible for organising events and special days to raise money for the school. Schools do get some money from the government but often budgets are tight and it doesn’t go far. It may be that the school is in desperate need of some new sports equipment or that their books have seen better days.

As a parent, it is a nice idea to try and help raise money to donate to your local school. You may want to organise events such as quizzes, bingo or fates but be sure to check with the school as they may already do their own which you could help with.

Alternatively, you may want to do something on your own such as a skydive or sponsored walk or swim. Be sure to use social media to boost your advertising and attract donations from others.

Money you raise will benefit the school which in turn will benefit your child. New equipment and having the funds to subsidise school trips etc. can have a very positive impact on your child’s (as well as other children’s) education. There are some great ideas online for different sorts of events you could do.