Finding your first job vacancy

Education rules have changed over the past few years and now students are expected to stay on in education until they are 18 unless they have a job lined up to go in to or an apprenticeship. Many students say that they have no idea what they want to do when they leave education and this often doesn’t change until they have to start choosing GCSE subjects. Choosing which career path to take has to be decided based on your own personal preferences and circumstances and career that you wish to go in to. It is easy to think that if you go in to one type of career then you are stuck in it for life, but this is simply not the case. Many people change their career well in to the fifties and are able to transfer a lot of their skills over in to another job. Some jobs, such as doctors or vets for example, require a lot more years of studying, so you may wish to start this as soon as you finish school. When it comes the time to start job hunting for that first job it can be a little worrisome and you may not know exactly where to start. There should be careers advisors in the school who can help look at different job opportunities or higher education courses that may be suitable.