Finding different ways to teach the same thing

As a teacher you will quickly learn that not all kids learn in the same way. Often you need to find multiple ways of teaching the same subject to ensure that all the children understand it. Some children learn in different ways, for example some may find that they learn better if something is visualised for them. You may need to draw pictures and diagrams to explain what you mean rather than just saying it.

As a teacher you need to be able to notice when a child is struggling with a certain task and find a new way of teaching them. It may be that they just need a bit of extra time or to have it broken down for them. In maths, for example, lots of children find it hard to work out word problems. Word problems are questions that are written that include a maths sum that needs to be done. Lots of children may struggle to extract the information they need so although they are able to do the sums, they can’t actually understand what sum they should be doing.

Sometimes a child may need one on one help such as working with a teaching assistant or working in a small group so they get more attention.