Excel Courses Online – Instrumental for Office/Admin Work

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are widely used all over the world; however, they are the most misunderstood programs. Excel provides users with a great method of handling massive data and organizing it in an orderly fashion that makes it easy to retrieve. Most people are intrigued by the versatility of the Excel software, however, they tend to panic because of all the formulas that it has. Nevertheless, individuals can learn this program at their own pace using the right Excel Courses Online.Read on to learn more about these courses.



The online Excel courses are classified as beginners, intermediary and advanced courses. Beginners who want to start learning from the basics can go for free online sessions that are offered by Microsoft office. There are also plenty of free learning video tutorials that have been crafted by experts. These tutorials have been rated by viewers over a five star basis; therefore, it enables you to choose the best among them. These classes are isolated into different topics so that users can easily choose what they want to learn. The topic range from the basic functions like SUM to the more advanced Pivot Tables and VLOOKUP.


Intermediates who understand the basics of excel can learn more advanced features through Excel courses online. There are countless training courses all over the internet that learners can choose from. There are free and paid courses created by experts in this field and learners can choose what fits their budget. Intermediates should determine what they really what to learn about the program so that they can choose an Excel course that suits their needs.

Real time trainings courses

You can also get real-time Microsoft Excel training courses. In such classes you will sit for the excel course with the tutor being on the other end. You can communicate with the instructor using some common interfaces such as video chat, instant messaging, or any other desirable interface. Real time trainings require specific timings and they cannot be carried out at the pace that you want. Therefore, it is not idea for individuals who are not self-motivated.

Training software

Learners who do not love learning online can download software meant for Excel training purposes. These programs usually come as a package that deals with a variety of excel training tutorials. The advantages of these training programs are their consistent teaching pattern and methodology. Therefore, if the pattern strikes a chord with the learner, the training process will be easy.

How online Microsoft Excel courses work

With online trainings, you will be required to sign up using a username and your valid email address. Course videos and learning materials will be sent to the email Id that you provide. You can also choose the courses that you want from the website and start learning. Some websites will also offer additional homework materials that will enable you to practice on different functions.

Excel is undoubtedly the most popular program application globally. Government agencies, educational institutions and companies use this software to analyze and manage data, creating spreadsheets, print charts, reports and much more. Therefore, working knowledge of this program is important for those who use computers in their everyday life.