Educational activities you can do with your kids over the summer holidays

The 6 week summer holidays can drag on somewhat when your children aren’t at school. You often hear “I’m bored!” on a daily basis as they are just not as academically stimulated as they would be during the school day. By the time the holidays come round most children are ready for a break however it can be good to still encourage some educational activities to keep their brain stimulated.

You can download educational apps for your children’s tablets for maths and spelling such as timetables rockstars and spelling shed. This way your children will still have screen time but will be able to keep up to date with their educational needs.

For young children any activities that improve dexterity can really help with letter formation and handwriting. Activities such as beads into peg boards, that develop the pincer movement, really improve dexterity. Also activities where you thread laces really stimulate the mind and help the child to focus their mind.

 Keeping up doing regular writing with the kids can be beneficial so try to get them to help with little things like writing a shopping list or sending a postcard to family members.

In general, little and often is key when it comes to helping the children with their education, but make sure they still have plenty of time to relax and have fun.