Could one to one mentoring help your child?

One to one mentoring has been around for a while, but recently there has been an increase in the number of parents going down this route and signing their children up to extra support. Some children will learn more from one to one tutoring than from being in a classroom environment as they may be able to concentrate better and get the help they need.

For many parents, the idea of someone sitting with their child and giving them their full attention has got to be better than shared learning, but often a mixture of both is best. Pupils who are taught as a group but then have additional support in the form of tutoring often perform well.

One of the advantages of one to one tutoring is that the tutor is able to tailor all task specifically towards that individual in terms of ability and personal circumstances. It may be possible to eliminate all other distractions that you may find in a classroom such as other pupils and noise levels allowing the pupil to concentrate 100% on the task in hand.

One on one tutoring can be expensive, but tutoring in a small group session can also be very advantageous.