Could a job as a teaching assistant be the role for you?

Working in a main stream school as a teaching assistant is seen by many parents as an ideal choice when trying to find a job that fits in with family commitments and if you are considering a career in teaching it gives a valuable insight into life in a school before you commence teacher training.

Working as a teaching assistant in a primary school involves different challenges than those encountered when working in a secondary school. The role in a primary school involves not only supporting children with their education but also encouraging listening skills and positive learning behaviour. Help with classroom displays and preparing resources for the teacher to use in lessons may also be required.

A teaching assistant post in a secondary school involves working alongside children who need extra help and support. This may include moving from lesson to lesson with a particular child or providing set curriculum support in a class. This is particularly useful if you have a personal interest in a certain subject yourself.

Working as a teaching assistant provides an excellent opportunity to develop teaching skills without the responsibility of a classroom teacher and can be a worthwhile springboard to a career in teaching.