Choosing the best university for you

When  a young person decides that they want to go to university after finishing school It can be a stressful experience as they look at the selection of universities and different courses on offer and try to decide which would be best for them. The process of applying is straightforward and guidance from teachers and lecturers is generally available but the initial choice of location and course is up to the individual.

Choosing the best subject to study at degree level is probably the most important concern as you may be studying it for three years or more depending upon the course. It is a good idea to choose one that will give you the best chance of employment in the future rather than an obscure subject that may be interesting but is not recognised by employers. Some universities specialise and excel in certain subjects, so it is important to do your research beforehand.

The location of the university is important as you will be spending the next few years there. Some prefer a city location so that they can enjoy the nightlife that a city can offer whilst others prefer a countryside or coastal university site. This is up to individual choice and should be carefully considered. It may be that staying at home as you study is a preferable option as financially this may be more prudent.