Teaching in Australia

If you love your career but you just want to experience it somewhere new, then there are plenty of opportunities, out there, and that is the case with teaching job in Australia. There is a constant demand for teaching jobs in Australia, especially for those [Read More]

Creating an Accurate Job Description

A job description is must if you’re going to be advertising a position online or in a local paper, and it has to outline every important aspect related to the job, so people know whether they’re suitable for the position or not. Here are just [Read More]

Writing an Effective Cover Letter

A cover letter should always be sent off with your CV, and it’s a chance for the interviewer to get to know you a little bit, and see why you’re suitable for their position. It doesn’t have to just reiterate what your CV says, you [Read More]

Using LinkedIn to gain a Job

LinkedIn is not just any social media network; it’s a network with a professional user base. LinkedIn is ideal for building contacts and this is where it comes in handy in terms of finding a job. Your profile is your chance to persuade people to [Read More]