Too much testing

With children having to undergo what’s known as baseline assessments within a few weeks of starting school, it is no wonder why many parents are asking if we are putting too much pressure on our children. The government like to be able to ascertain where [Read More]

The importance of English

I often think that English lessons at school leave a lot t be desired. It seems that often they are used to teach us about the history of English rather than the here and now. Of course it is great to have a back ground [Read More]

Ofsted inspections at school

As a teacher, one of the worse things you can hear is that Ofsted are coming in to your school. It’s not that teachers are necessarily doing anything wrong, but the whole process is said to be extremely stressful and can put added pressure on [Read More]

Teaching resources

Teachers spend a lot of their own time and resources in to lesson planning. This is usually done out of the classroom and many teachers say that although they get a bit of planning time (also known as PPA) in the classroom this is nowhere [Read More]

Coping with a difficult class

Teachers are under a lot of pressure to ensure that pupils perform well at school. This is not just in the day to day classroom environment but also in terms of exams, which appear to be starting earlier and earlier. One of the main difficulties [Read More]