Teaching in Australia

If you love your career but you just want to experience it somewhere new, then there are plenty of opportunities, out there, and that is the case with teaching job in Australia. There is a constant demand for teaching jobs in Australia, especially for those [Read More]

The Difficulties of Switching Schools

Many students have faced the difficulties that come with switching schools, and it can take some time before a child or a teenager is accepted into a new environment. Schools can be tough, and not every student will feel obliged to speak to the ‘new [Read More]

Preparing for a Skype Job interview

Technology has made it a lot easier for people to communicate and it means that many companies are now creating video calls using software such as Skype to construct their job interviews. It’s great news for those applying for jobs that are quite a distance [Read More]

Starting Life as a University Student

Life at university is completely different to life as a school student, a sixth form student or a college student. It’s about independence, and making good use of your time and just organising yourself appropriately. If you’re set to start life as a university student [Read More]