Career progression in further education teaching

Some teachers and lecturers working in the further education sector start to think about their career progression after gaining a few years teaching experience and look at either moving to another role in the sector or follow their ambition to become a lead teacher, deputy or principal. In many cases if you want to gain promotion it may not be possible to stay at the college where you are currently working as it will depend on a role becoming vacant. Should a promotion opportunity exist in the college it is important to let the senior team know your intention to apply and ask how you could improve your chances of being successful.

You may need to be prepared to gain additional qualifications as you seek to further your career as a lifelong learning attitude is seen as a positive attribute by employers. Experiences gained outside of work such as leading young people’s groups on outdoor expeditions or learning a new skill such as carpentry or learning a new language will be advantageous to anyone looking to gain promotion too.

Further education has changed in recent times as young people are required to continue their education until they are eighteen unless they are doing an apprenticeship so the more skills you have and the more expertise you are able to offer the better chance you will have at promotion should the opportunity arise.