Can I get a job that fits in around the school days and school holidays?

Looking for work when you have young children can be somewhat of a struggle as you have a lot to juggle and think about when considering what you can take on. Finding a job that fits in around school drop off and pick up times can be hard and very wage-limiting as the hours are short, however it’s not impossible.

Often lots of employers are not quite understanding about the commitments that come with having a family so they may offer you flexi hours where you may work some of the time from home or do some of your work of an evening. This can sometimes still be a challenge during school holidays though where the children are off school for 6 weeks. You may need to factor in holiday clubs for this time period or asking for help from friends and relatives.

Of course, one of the best jobs to fit in around school times is to actually work in a school. There are many different jobs in the school setting not just teachers. You may want to work in the school office or as a teaching assistant. If you are interested, you should your local school and ask what they currently have available and take it from there.