Articles by Nathan

Education within Nurseries – what to expect

Education for children starts with Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) this usually starts when your child starts nursery or pre-school and leads them up until they start school just before they are 5 years old. All children at the age they attend nursery should be [Read More]

How to progress in your career

When you are in a job that you feel you know inside out it can be the easiest option to just stay put and keep ticking along day by day doing what you know. However for some this prospect can be soul destroying and those [Read More]

Looking for a new career

If you are starting to get itchy feet in your current  job you may feel that it is time to look for something new. Maybe you have been in the same industry all your working life or have recently come in to and realised that [Read More]

Finding your teaching style

Being a teacher can be a very rewarding job. It is also quite challenging at times, but most teachers will tell you that the job satisfaction far out weights the negative side of the job. When teachers first start to teach, they will often have [Read More]