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Preparing for a Skype Job interview

Technology has made it a lot easier for people to communicate and it means that many companies are now creating video calls using software such as Skype to construct their job interviews. It’s great news for those applying for jobs that are quite a distance [Read More]

Switching Careers

Not everybody knows exactly what they want to do when they’re young, and even if they do, their thoughts may change over time; meaning a complete career switch. Switching careers can be an extremely difficult decision; you’re essentially leaving skills you’ve acquired behind and starting [Read More]

Reviewing your Current CV

A CV grows when you’re in a job, even if you are not aware that it is growing. Each day you may be picking up new skills in a job, and new responsibilities and this is why it’s important to ensure your CV is reviewed [Read More]

Acing your Interview

Pretty much every job opening today will require an interview, and if you’re looking for a job, it’s time to make sure you work on your interviewing technique. Many people will say ‘just be yourself’ in an interview, but it’s difficult. It can be an [Read More]

Applying for Work Experience

Applying for work experience can seem quite strange if you’re a mature student or a student that has had previous employment, but if you want to break into a specialist industry, then work experience is compulsory. It’s highly unlikely that an employer will take you [Read More]